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student michelle le. what her family says about the decision. and a south bay city tries tackle homelessness head on. why some call the effort misguided . >> xreet bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday, october 29th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. superstorm sandy moved to shore in just the past two hours near atlantic city, new jersey. the massive storm is pounding the eastern sea board and already prompted officials to shut down public transportation in new york, washington, and philadelphia. reporter karen cleed is live now in manhattan to tell us and show us what it's like there right now. good evening, karen. >> sandy has made land fall wreaking havoc in her path. tonight the waiting game is over
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. >> the storm is intensifying along the east coast. the worst of its kind in nearly a century. >> this is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes. >> sandy could be historic seen here stretching up the atlantic from the international space station with crashing waves and flooding hours before the worst of the storm arrived. one early casualty, the hms bounty. the ship sank about 90 miles off cape haterras, north carolina. the coast guard rescued 14 crew members. meanwhile officials urged those on land, evacuate if you are at. stay home if you are not. >> conditions are deteriorating very rapidly and the window for you getting out safely is closing. >> we're heeding the warning and going, and i'm hoping that i have a house when i come back. >> this was rush hour in new york city. a shut down transit system here. in washington and boston.
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kkt kkt state highways, closed, and obstacles on the campaign, trail. president obama left florida to head straight to washington to deal with the storm. >> we are certain that this is going to be a slow-moving process to a wide swamp of the country, and millions of people are going to be affected. >> there are families in harm's way that will be hurt either in their possessions or perhaps in something more severe. >> severe indeed. already we are hearing reports that in the tri-state area, five people have fallen victim to this storm. reporting live from manhattan, karen colleed. now back to you. republican presidential nominee mitt romney has also cancelled campaign events due to the storm. scratched an appearance in wisconsin tonight. paul ryan cancelled rallies in florida and both republicans cleared their campaign schedules
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tomorrow. and superstorm sandy is turning lives upside down. giving you a look at the storm right now. it came ashore in new jersey earlier today, wind gusts 80 to 85 miles per hour. those winds are still gusting to 80 miles per hourment sandy is a post-trorm. it has merged with a winter storm and now is not only bringing heavy rain, a strong storm surge and the wind, snow. the appalachian mountains are looking at blizzard-like conditions through the evening hours. this is going to continue inland at this point. you can see just how widespread the heavy rain is falling all the way into the ohio valley. if we take a look at the sandy and its path, it's going to continue its wersly track into pennsylvania as we progress through tomorrow and then it's going to make a northerly track right into new york by about wensz. weshgs of course, will be tracking this through the evening and all day tomorrow. gasia. superstorm sandy is disrupting travel nationwide including here in the bay area. 150 flights out of san francisco
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were cancelled today, including flights to boston, new york, and washington dc. that left travelers stranded here. one man was waiting for two people who are stuck in new york. they're performing in a play in the gold country in just two weeks. >> whenever they get here, they're going to really have to rehearse very hard because the show has to go on. >> fso officials say it helps to know the magnitude of this storm in advance. that allowed airlines to proactively cancel flights and notify passengers. this was the scene at field. planes took off and landed all day after crews loaded supplies to bring to people affected by the storm. about 100 members of the 129th rescue wing also mobilized headed to the east coast in three transport planes along with two refueling aircraft. their mission will be to rescue anyone stranded by the storm and deliver supplies to isolated communities. those planes headed for south carolina late this afternoon. u.s. stock markets were closed today and will be closed for a second day tomorrow
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because of sandy. the last time the new york stock exchange was closed due to weather was 1985 when hurricane glor yeah hit. the last time the markets closed for two straight days was back in 1888. some companies are postponing quarterly earnings reports scheduled for early this week. if financial conditions change and stocks cannot be sold or bought, shareholders could lose money. go to for continuous updates on the storm now bashling into the east coast along with links to updated flight information. look for the tab at the top of our home page. an alameda county jury today found giselle esteban guilty ofed if murder. as rita williams reports, prosecutors contend it was jealousy who droef esteban to kill her friend, nursing student michelle le. >> after four and a half day of deliberations this afternoon, the jury announced its verdict. 28-year-old giselle esteban guilty of theed if murder of her former high school friend, nursing student michelle le.
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>> it's always been my position that she hunted down michelle, and she killed her. >> during the trial the prosecute called esteban a soes owe path and said she believes le was having an affair with the father of esteban's trial. investigators play the recording in the trial where esteban told the father, quote, you de serve to die for your lies as does she. >> it felt like yesterday we were going through all of this and to finally wrap it all up with the right choice is --. >> feeling like a burden has been lifted. >> le disappeared from this kaiser medical center garage in hayward in mae last year. police suspected esteban from the beginning but didn't arrest her until almost four months after the disappearance, and ten days before they found le's skeletal remains in a rural area of alameda county. >> it's pretty clear that she developed an intense hatred for michelle le based on nothing.
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>> giselle esteban's attorney argued her client should only be convicted of manslaughter saying she snapped and killed in the heat of passion. after the verdict the defense attorney told me esteban only expressed concern for her family, not hearst. >> giselle esteban will be sentenced right here on december 10th. in oakland, channel 2 news. a man suspected of stabbing to death an east bay woman was arraigned in a continue cost county courtroom today. investigators say darnell washington and his wife tanya killed sue si ko inside her hercules home earlier this month. darnell washington has not intrad plea. tanya washington is still awaiting extra diction. oakland police chief say his department has now launched an investigation after a ktvu news report raised questions about officers visiting a private room care owe key club while on duty. in last night's exclusive report we showed you at least two officer visiting the club on 14th street in midtown late at
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night. we've also seen a mini van dropping off scantily-clad women at the club. they tell us they suspect it's a front for prostitution although the club manager denys that and has written statement quote i take these allegations very seriously and the department opened investigations as soon as the circumstances were brought to my attention. he goes on because these are open informations, i am limited in what can be discussed. now, our eric broke the story. watch for his latest report tonight on the 10:00 news on ktvu. the daughter of a castro valley woman brutally killed in her own home is speaking out for the first time today. 58-year-old barbara was straled nearly two weeks ago as her home was robbed then set on fire. the victim's daughter says one of the suspects is actually a distant relative who'd previously done work at her mother's home. >> i think this was just a case of, you know, someone opening up their home and their hearts to people and -- and it going
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terribly wrong. >> 18-year-old ko di natosha and 16-year-old christian are charged with murder and with the special circumstance of murder during a robbery. they are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. for the second year in a row, the california department of corrections and rehabilitation said it's seen a drop in rates. the latest number showed that during fiscal year 2007/2008, released inmates had a 63% resit vichl rate after three years. that's down from 65% the year before and from 67% in 2005/2006. present officials say the lower rates are in part due to recent rehabilitation efforts. authorities are investigating a weekend crash that killed a young reyes car driver at the calistoga speedway. the sheriff's office says 20-year-old tyler wolf was wearing his helmet and seat belt when he crashed into a wall on saturday. this weekend's event was a 2-lap reyes celebrating the 75th anniversary of the speedway, which is a half mile dirt track.
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the u.s. supreme court is set to decide late next month whether to hear the case on california's ban on same-sex marriage. asked the justices to overturn the decision in which an appellate judge in san francisco found the ban to be unconstitutional. the high court today posted a notice on its web site revealing that the case is on the agenda for november 20th. the decision on whether to hear the case would then be expected the following week. we're live in san jose where leaders of today trying to find solutions to an ongoing struggle with the city's homeless. we'll tell you h m i costs to clean up these encompments and why advocates say it's not enough to combat the problem. and the champions san francisco giants arrive home an. what's in the works to make players and fans can soak it all in. fog will return to the bay area for your morning drive and coming up in the extended forecast, what change is on the
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. the impact of sandy is already being felt along the eastern sea board. what we're showing you here are live pictures from manhattan. back to a collapsed crane is dangling precarously 74 floors above the street. sandy was stripped of hurricane status just before it slammed into the new jersey coastline and hurled a 13-foot surge of sea water at new york city today, but the status change really was just a technicality. sandy is still packing hurricane-force winds. officials are warning that 50 million people in the country's northeast corridor have yet to experience the storm full. new at 7:00 south bay leaders forge a new effort to tackle the persistent problem of
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homelessness. got responses from people on both side of this issue. she's live near one park where it's been a big issue there. >> gasia, the santa clara valley water district spent about a half million dollars since 2010 cleaning out these homeless encampments, but as you can see, they spring right back up. today leaders tried to move closer to a more permanent solution. >> just like many of us during an unexpected visit, johnny wants a few minutes to tidy up before he shows us his kelly creek home. >> more homeless here. there's no work. i've been looking for work. i made applications and stuff, and call me. >> it's yez si to find multiple encampments in the south bay area close to waterways and housing developments prompting numerous cleanup efforts and worrying many neighbors after several fires this past summer. >> is there going to be someone in the dumpster? are they a threat? it's really a state of --. >> we are kshd in our
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neighborhood. >> that's why the san jose city council hosted a study session today to work with residents, the water district and homeless advocates to look for solutions instead of just reacting when problems arrive. >> we have to get down to the root as to why people are encomped in these areas and what we can do to move these folks out into more stable housing alternatives. >> the shelters are full, you know, so it's very difficult for them to even find a shelter let alone permanent support of housing. >> skilled in insulation, tielg, and even bike repairs, johnny says he just needs someone to give him a chance. >> i can work. i just need to get work. >> our real point --. >> while the city council won't g any immediate action on today's ideas, tomorrow members will be voting on whether to use $40,000 in federal grant money to extend the city's downtown homeless outreach program. live in san jose, lor rain blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose firefighters respond to this major fire this morning, their third in 24
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hours. investigators say this fire is suspicious. it started just after 4:00 a.m. at a vacant warehouse just south of canary road. the building used to house a gymnastics club. crews stopped the fire from the outside and said they would fall into two empty swimming pools inside. no reports of any injuries. the scepter for disease control announced the number of states reporting cases of meningitis linked to the steroid injections has grown to 19. a total of 354 cases have been reported. at least 25 deaths have been reported, as well. the steroids implicated were shipped to 23 states. california is only one of four of those states where no meningitis cases have been reported. google is adding a few new gadgets to the over-growing smart phone and tablet development. the mountain company next to seven tablet. the phone is made by lg electronics and comes with a minor update to google's android
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operating system. the nexus 10 tablet is made by samsung and features a 10-inch display. if you're hope k, get apple's new ie pad mini, you're going to have to wait at least a couple more weeks. apple is apparently sold out of its initial inventory of the mini mod else in just three days. the shipping time is currently two weeks for all three wi-f i versions. the world series champs are back on home turf this evening. fans cheered and clapped as the players exited the plane fresh off their world series sweep of the detroit tigers. the giants arrived about 3:45 this afternoon to a crowd of fans who just could not wait to congress rach late the team. and from the airport the team was bussed over to at&t park where there was another huge crowd waiting to greet them. fans began gathering at the park about noon to welcome the team back from detroit. about 500 people went wild when they got a glimpse of the players. >> i had the day off, and i decided i woke up in the morning
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i thought, you know, hey, i need to welcome my giants back home. >> she was not alone. the after glow ant going to go away any time soon. the city is looking ahead to wednesday's big parade welcoming home the world series winners. preparations for that parade began long before the giants even clifrmged the series. rob ross takes us behind the scenes to show us how it's all coming together. >> here inside peer 54, workers are building floats almost nonstop getting ready for wednesday's massive giants parade. >> it's pretty stressful. >> this section is called game face and will be mounted on one of the floats. >> we've been slopping more orange and black paint than you can shake a stick at. we probably have the easily half mile of orange, black, and white sheeting to go on the floats right now. >> a few miles away in this hotel room, event producers are also working on final de tails. they got started just before the world series started. >> we worked independently, you know, knowing that we weren't
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able to actually work on a victory parade until the victory happened. we started working on it about a week ago. >> in 2010, an estimated million fans showed up to the last giants victory party, and there were no major problems. this time, the players will be riding in motorized cable cars. you can see the local heros that way. >> confetti. lots of confetti like i said. we're going to be bursting confetti down market street for 1.7 miles. >> police say they'll be changing shifts wednesday to have more officers on duty. the fact the parade is on halloween should not pose any problems. >> we are creating a family-friendly event for everybody to participate in. >> by 4:00 wednesday morning to seven hours before the parade is getting started. in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now on wednesday's parade route. the event starts near san francisco's ferry building and
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go up market street, turn on mechanic al ster then wind up at san francisco's civic sesht. we'll have live coverage on ktvu channel 2 and there are questions tonight about whether police were prepared for last night's celebration, some of which got out of hand in part of the city. in the mission district, vandals set dumpsters on property and kicked over garbage cans. inside at&t park a violent mob broke the windows of nearby businesses. police tell us they made 36 arrest. giants merchandise is flying off the shelves and counterfeiters are trying to get a piece of the pie. homeland security showed off some of the 1200 counterfeit t-shirts and caps confiscated during last weeks's world series game. the department says agents may be on hand during wednesday's big parade to try to keep fake giants gear from being sold. it's a must have for anyone in the market to buy a new car. coming up the clean sweep for one car maker today when it comes to reliability. and will it rain on the giants parade?
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meteorologist rose mary orozco will let us know what the latest models show
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. if you even considering going to the giants celebration on wednesday, here are some ferry options to get you there. the golden gate bridge ferry is adding extra boats. the lashgs burg ferry will run
7:24 pm
extra into the city. the sauce lee doe will have an extra boat at 9:35. all of them suggest you buy your tickets before wednesday. it will be running its rush hour service all day long. it will add service although a number of routes are going to be disrupted by the parade itself. caltrain is adding trains in the morning after the parade then after wards southbound schedules will accommodate extra drivers. >> the weather we are facing for parade day but first of all what's happening tonight. >> yes, we've got fog bad already moving and, in fact, i think we're going to give you a pretty cool shot of san francisco, drifting back overhead. the fog not expected to be as widespread but we do have a dense fog advisory that starts at midnight and will last through tomorrow morning for our north valley locations. that means visibility down to about a quarter mile. if this is your area, your morning drive could be a little tricky. maybe allow yourself some extra time. we'll see it along the coastline, as well, but for the
7:25 pm
time being this is the only area and it will last until about 9:00 tomorrow morning. a look at the pacific satellite view watching this storm. this is eventually going to bring us some rain. it has slowed down because of sandy on the east coast actually stall out just a bit. it will get here, but it looks like we will be rain-free for the parade. we will be rain free for most of our trick or treaters. take a look here. mostly cloudy skies on wednesday but the rain line is to the north. by about 9:00 our trick or treaters are in and hopefully in bed. if you are going to be out partying late at night you may need an umbrella because it's going to swing through through the overnight hours. looks like we could have some in time for the thursday morning before we dry out. so for tomorrow another quiet mild day along the coast, cloudy skies. by wednesday, though, we see that shift and the showers will arrive. at this point it will be late in the evening. or night lows as we get started tomorrow morning a lot like this
7:26 pm
morning, upper 40s to low 50s. low to mid 70s for the north bay, into the south bay 59 for oakland, 76 in dance vil. down into the santa clara valley, 73 for you san jose, 73 in sunnyvale. 66 in san francisco, low 60s up the coast. the extended forecast there, so temperatures will continue to drop off, the coolest days will be wednesday into thursday. a few scattered showers thursday morning before we dry out. partly cloudy skies on friday and by the weekend we're back into the 70s, low to mid to upper 70s inland. gasia. thank you, rose mary. japanese automakers took the top seven spots in consumer reports latest auto reliability ranking. toyota brand swept the top 20 rankings. scion ranks first followed by toyota. lexus came in third place. general motors cadillac is the top-ranked american-made brand just out of the top ten. the complete list covers 27 models. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we have eel see you the next
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time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight a penny more per ounce. latest town home meeting before voters make their decision on a proposed. keep in mind weir always here for you at and tnz is up next right here on tv 36 [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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